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3mm-12mm Tinted Float Glass (Bronze, Blue, Grey, Green)

3mm-12mm Tinted Float Glass (Bronze, Blue, Grey, Green)

Jinjing tinted glass has characteristics of low UV transmittance and good shading effect. With its gorgeous color and good decorative effect, it is widely use in interior and exterior decoration of buildings, mirror, furniture, bathroom and etc. By independent innovation, our company has produced euro bronze, golden bronze, euro grey, blue grey, crystal grey, ford blue, Jinjing blue, French green, together with the corresponding solar control coating glass (reflective glass).

Product Detail

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Production Advantages:

Perfect Color Series for Bronze Grey Blue color series.

Excellent Product Quality with more than 10 years experiences.

There are 3 lines keep producing tinted glass all year round that is the best assurance for the color Consistency, Continuous and Stable Supply.

Products Specifications:

Thickness:3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Standard size:




The other size can be customized

Optical Parameters

Thickness Visible Light % Solar %
(5mm) Transmittance Reflectivity Transmittance Reflectivity
Euro Bronze 49 5 50 5
Golden Bronze 46 5 47 5
Euro Grey 51 5 53 6
Jinjing Grey 46 5 46 5
Crystal Grey 68 6 60 6
Ford Blue 66 6 50 5
F Green 77 7 54 5

Applications & Projects


Project Name: Skypark

Location: Malaysia

Glass: 10mm euro grey tempered glass,6mm clear +12A+6mm low-E


Project Name: Water Way Piont

Location: Singapore

Glass: 5mm euro grey tempered/1.52pvb/5mm online low-E tempered


Project Name: Yangon Airport

Location: Myanmar

Glass: 8mm F green low-e tempered +12A+6mm clear/1.52clear pvb/6mm clear


Project Name: Park and Residential Buildings

Location: Korea

Glass: 5mm ford blue glass+12A+5mm low-E

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