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Jinjing Customized Glass Solutions

Jinjing Customized Glass Solutions

Jinjing is a company with innovation. Jinjing enjoy exploring various glass uses with our customers, and good at provide customers with professional glass solutions, based on the entire glass industry chain production, strong R&D and technical, original factory processing ability. If you have any demand or requirement for glass, just contact with us.

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Sneeze guard glass

Sneeze Guards are designed to support businesses in creating a healthier, safer environment by placing a barrier between employees and customers. Typically made using clear tempered or laminated safety glass, this protective barrier is easy clean, encourages social distancing and reduces the spread of infection.

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Aquarium glass

Glass is a traditional material for constructing aquariums. It is easy to clean but very difficult to scratch. Glass maintains its clarity over time. But normal clear glass looks green. As the first ultra clear glass producer in China, Jinjing adopted ultra clear glass to update the aquarium. High transmittance, light blue & smooth polished edges makes aquarium looks more luxury.

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Writing board glass

Glass whiteboards are a classy, practical option that makes writing and erasing effortless. Maybe that’s why glass whiteboards are taking rooms by storm with their clarity and efficiency. Their smooth, non-porous surfaces allow you to glide dry erase, wet-erase, or liquid-chalk markers across the board.

glass white board
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Bird-friendly glass

Birds can’t see glass, this is why so many glass fly to the glass. There are several types of bird friendly glass. One popular type is a ceramic enamel frit – which can be silkscreened onto glass in any pattern or design.

bird-friendly glass 2
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Skywalk bridge glass

The Skywalk, also known as the "Glass Bridge" is the most famous attraction in many scenic spots. Jinjing has rich production & solution experience for skywalk bridge. Jinjing has gained the SGP certificate, combined with extra thick ultra clear glass, guarantee the safety of glass solutions.


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