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Design trend——Imitation stone glass

1639449869(1)Imitation stone glass has the beautiful lines of natural stone and the transparency of glass at the same time. Such performance effects make the glass as gorgeous as jade. There are various processes for realizing glass surface patterns. Only the ceramic digital printing process has the most environmentally friendly performance. The inorganic mineral printing glaze can permanently melt any pattern on the surface of the glass after high-temperature fritting. It is resistant to acid and alkali, no falling off, and scratch resistance. The excellent performance allows it to be used in any desired application area, such as curtain walls, interior decoration, home appliances, etc.

At the same time, through modern technology, almost no tactile requirements can be achieved, especially those that require glass with low reflection can be made of non-fingerprint acid etched glass or anti-reflection glass, so that the surface of the glass pattern is not highly reflective, but delicate, soft and comfortable . And according to the needs, it can also be made into laminated glass,insulatedglasswith lowe glass, to achieve the purpose of safety and energy saving. 
Natural marble has a natural texture, but its disadvantages are very obvious, with a smaller size and uneven light transmission. The more beautiful the texture, the rarer the pit, even more expensive than tens of thousands per square meter. As for the stone effect made of glass, the price of any texture is about 1,000 yuan (optimized according to the process and requirements). The comparison between glass and stone is as follows:

Item Stone Printing & Painting Glass
Size: smaller than 2400*1200mm up to 3300*12000mm
Puzzle symmetrical random
Weather Resistance surface will oxidation slowly permanent discoloration
Installation complex simple
Replacement hard to find the same one easy to make the same one
Maintenance need to polish and repair regularly almost needless
Clean hard easy
Texture real glass
Arc simple styling  could be tempered and hot bent to make complex styling



Post time: Dec-14-2021